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An innovative approach to a successful degree. Creating a path to success.

Through the combination of coursework and strategic partnerships with leading companies in the community, you will leave with the confidence and passion to not only take on the jobs of today but the upcoming careers of the future—starting a new life that is no longer out of your reach.

As a mission-driven institution, our faculty's main focus is to mentor our students to ensure you successfully complete the two-year program and move on to a successful career, completing a bachelor's degree at Marian University or in another four-year program.

To make these dreams happen, we offer two associate degree tracks and program plug-in options.

Associate of Business Administration

With a business degree, you can work in almost any industry in a variety of positions. Many students choose to earn an associate degree in business so they can learn business fundamentals, and a broad range of skills in accounting, finance, marketing, management, and operations.

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Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts

An associate degree in liberal arts exposes you to a variety of subjects and skills that will enhance critical thinking and communication skills and provide credits that are easily transferable into a four-year institution.

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Information technology is the life-line of every industry. Careers are in high-demand and new jobs are being developed every day. Add an information technology plug-in to your associate degree to make you more versatile, and stand out from the pack to your future employers.

A plug-in allows you to take elective courses in computer science, work hands-on with a coding academy, or gain credit for other tech-associated experiences.

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