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providing students with support, knowledge, and skills

Providing students with the support, foundational knowledge and skills they need to continue their college journeys

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Marian University Hires Leaders for Two-Year College

marian hires executive director and dean Marian University has hired Jeffrey Jourdan to serve as executive director and Dr. Michael Nichols to serve as associate director and dean of its new two-year college.

"In Jeffrey Jourdan and Michael Nichols, we have identified and hired two proven leaders with the requisite experience for launching our new, innovative, and mission-centered two-year college," Marian University President Daniel J. Elsener said. "Through their leadership, we will provide a much needed additional option for students who want to pursue higher education, but may not be ready for a traditional four-year college."

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Your opportunity

At Marian University, we believe every student deserves an opportunity to attain the education required to make their dreams a reality and help them change the world. Graduating from high school is a big step, and we are here to help you who may not be ready to jump directly into a rigorous four-year bachelor degree program by offering a new, innovative, mission-driven two-year college that will provide the sense of community, support systems, and professional opportunities that many students need to succeed beyond high school.

There are many factors inhibiting a large segment of our population from attending a four-year university: financial, cultural, and language barriers, to name a few. We want to change that.

We’ll help you begin your journey starting in July of 2019.

Available programs

Our two-year college will offer three associate degree programs to prepare students for career success in a range of employment settings:

You will receive the support, foundational knowledge and skills needed to continue your college journey and apply your credits toward a bachelor's degree, whether at Marian University or another accredited institution.

It's all about the right fit.

Students who have the desire to succeed, and are looking for a college option that allows them to remain focused on their studies while working.

Eligible candidates for admission:

Interested students should:

What we can promise.

Students will receive personal attention from faculty and one-on-one mentoring from professors and staff who care deeply about their success.

But we aren't stopping there.

For many students, going to college isn't possible because they need to start earning a paycheck. Before they graduate from high school, many of our students work because they need to support themselves or make regular contributions to their family income.

Through federal and state grants, and 21st Century Scholars program, students are eligible for a majority of their tuition to be covered. Our financial aid team will help you identify scholarships and other opportunities that make your college dream a reality. And, we will help you find a job while in school to offset some of the costs.